Lúcio's legendary emote "Dance Party" can now be purchased for 300 Overwatch League tokens after the latest Overwatch Summer Games patch. 

The latest Overwatch event brought a slew of cosmetics, emotes, and skins to Overwatch. 

And surprisingly enough, a popular emote for Overwatch League tokens. Many might not have the amount to purchase the emote and will have to wait until next year for the start of the Overwatch League Season 2. 

There might be a chance to earn tokens during the All-Star weekend on Aug. 25-26. It's more likely that Blizzard wanted to reward the fans that watched most of the matches on Twitch earning a large sum of coins. If those fans had all the skins they wanted, now they could spend it on the emote and probably more things will be made available soon.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard