The new legendary Overwatch League All-Star skins for Tracer and Genji will be available for purchase from Aug. 17-27.

​​Both Tracer and Genji will receive exclusive skins ahead of the ​Overwatch League All-Star Weekend. The heroes have skins that are meant to represent the Atlantic or Pacific Division in the Overwatch League, which will face each other in various ​custom games during the All-Star Weekend.

Tracer's skin is 2018 Atlantic All-Star Tracer, while Genji's skin is called the 2018 Pacific All-Star Genji. Each skin can be purchased in-game for 300 Overwatch League tokens. 

All-Star Weekend is scheduled to run from Aug. 25-26 and will feature a Lúcioball showdown between both teams. The ​Lúcioball game mode was recently enabled in Overwatch as the ​Summer Games event went live Thursday. The patch also added a ​Mercy nerf and various support hero changes, which is ​great for the game's ever-changing meta. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard