7 Times Fortnite Dances Appeared in Traditional Sports

Fortnite passed the point of total cultural saturation, and one of its landmarks along the way was athletes doing Fortnite dances in celebration.

From American baseball to Australian rugby, here are the seven best Fortnite dances in traditional sports.

7. Red Sox's Xander Bogaerts "Take the L"

After earning himself a standing double against the Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts busted out a halfhearted "Take the L" dance from his safe spot on the bag. Bogaerts could stand to work on his form, but a Fortnite dance is a Fortnite dance.

6. Cardiff City F.C.'s Callum Paterson "Floss"

Cardiff City F.C. player Callum Paterson has a history of Fortnite dances, but his crowning achievement is his performance of the game's "Floss" dance after a goal against Barnsley F.C. Any Fortnite celebration that eschews the ubiquitous "Take the L" is a good Fortnite celebration.

5. Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks' Josh Dugan Bandages

When Josh Dugan of Australian National Rugby League Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks scored a try against the North Queensland Cowboys, he celebrated by mimicking the bandage animation from Fortnite. That celebration was both a joke at the player's history of injury and perhaps the first Fortnite celebration in mainstream sports, cementing its place in Fortnite-sports crossover history.

4. Leverkusen's Julian Brandt and Kai Havertz Pickaxe Together

Leverkusen's Julian Brandt and Kai Havertz snag their place on this list as one of the first Fortnite celebrations to include more than one player. After scoring a goal in their Bundesliga match against VfL Wolfsburg, the two players mimed the pickaxe harvesting animation to celebrate their success.

3. Astros' Outfield "Jubilation"

The Houston Astros' outfield, including Jake Marisnick, Derek Fisher and George Springer, celebrated several wins in March and April by performing the "Jubilation" celebration before heading back into the dugout. It's hard to deny their enthusiasm and dedication to the craft of Fortnite dancing.

2. Karlsruher SC Acts Out Full Fortnite Scene

After scoring a goal against Chemnitzer FC, Karlsruher SC's Daniel Gordon began his celebration with a simple Fortnite bandaging. Then the player fell to his knees, mimicking a knocked-down Fortnite character, as one teammate tried to revive him and another tried to finish him off with his pickaxe. For elaboration alone, it's hard to beat this Fortnite celebration.

1. France's Antoine Griezmann at the World Cup Finals

When Antoine Griezmann scored the penalty shot that put France in the lead against Croatia in the most recent World Cup finals, he celebrated with an enthusiastic "Take the L." It may not have been an inspired choice or performance, but to bring Fortnite to the biggest stage in international sports is no small feat.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games