5 Best Emotes in Fortnite: Battle Royale

One of the best parts of Fortnite that gets players super excited are the emotes that can be found in the game.

Fortnite emotes have found their way into pop culture and truly are one of the most recognizable parts of the game. Many of the dances are fun to do and have become trends and have countless kids dancing. Fun and appealing, these emotes are huge to the popularity of the game.

This list will contain the five best emotes in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

5. Orange Justice

Orange Justice is a dance that looks juts plain cool and one that makes everyone that sees it want to learn. With all of the crazy hand and leg motions, Orange Justice looks hard and complicated to do but also looks good as well.

This is one emote that has also gotten into the general public and is fixed in the mind of many children around the world. This emotes required players to make it to level 26 of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

4. Fresh

Obviously taking inspiration from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Fresh emote is just a great emote to drop on enemies after you defeat them.

This dance was originally known as the Carlton, which was a dance that came from the character Carlton Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This is a dance that has been popular for a long time and only made it into the game because of this.

3. Dance Moves

The default emote that is given to every account that plays the game, Dance Moves is iconic with Fortnite: Battle Royale.

However, this is actually not a fully original emote made by Epic Games and is actually taken from the TV show Scrubs. In the show, one of the main characters called Turk is found dancing to the song Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe. Although Dance Moves and Turks dance does not go at the same speed, it still is a cool dance to add as the game's default.

As the emote that may be the one most synonymous with the game, Dance Moves definitely deserved a spot on this list.

2. Floss

Another dance that has gone into main culture and has taken storm on the world, the Floss was mainly popularized by Fortnite.

Many children in the world have adopted this dance and love to do it on a daily basis. This dance is extremely addicting and cool to watch people do as well as to do yourself.

This dance was available after reaching to Tier 49 in the Season 2 Battle Pass. This makes it a somewhat rare emote to have but has not stopped its' popularity from skyrocketing. 

1. Take the L

Probably one of the most recognizable emotes in Fortnite, the Take the L emote has jumped right into the minds of many different people who don't even play the game.

This emote was acquired by a player reaching Tier 31 in the Season 3 Battle Pass. This is not that hard of a feat to accomplish and was right in the middle of Fortnite's big jump up in popularity.

Most notably seen in the 2018 FIFA World Cup by French player Antoine Griezmann, this emote is huge to the game and its' players.