Blizzard has revealed a preview for the start of the Overwatch World Cup group stage Incheon which shows that Wrecking Ball will be available to play. 

Each team has been previewed along with important information about format and maps

It starts on Aug. 17 and goes through the 19. It will be played on Overwatch Patch 1.26 which was when Wrecking Ball was launched. This will be the first time professional OWL players will be able to play Wrecking Ball on the competitive stage. Granted, it's with different teammates. 

The other big news is the map pool. 

"Each match will begin on a predetermined control map: Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios, or Oasis. Starting with the second map, the loser of the previous map gets to pick the next map from the following types."

  • Second map: Hybrid
  • Third map: Assault
  • Fourth map: Escort
  • Fifth map (tiebreaker): Control, but must be different than the first map

This bit of news hasn't made everyone happy with the decision.

The community will also see a few different on-air casters as the World Cup will not strictly use the OWL talent. Houston Outlaws fans will be delighted to see that Jake "Jake" Lyon will also be apart of the talent team for this group. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard