5 Best Vaulted Fortnite Weapons

As Fortnite: Battle Royale ages, Epic Games has to vault some weapons to keep Fortnite's combat balanced, and evolutionary. Epic Games vaulted the Smoke Grenade, and several other weapons and items that drastically changed the game, or had an insignificant impact, like the Submachine Gun.

5. Submachine Gun

The Submachine Gun is one of the only guns placed into the vault that won't be missed by fans. The gun was incredibly weak and rendered completely useless before the new and improved SMGs came to dominate Fortnite. It was commonly ignored by players, not even being used in early-game loadouts.

4. Smoke Grenade

It was a good idea for Epic Games to add a smoke grenade to Fortnite, since nearly all shooters have an item to obscure the enemy's vision with some sort of smokescreen. Unfortunately, Epic removed it from the game because players overwhelmingly favored other grenades, and it was almost never picked up.

3. Jetpack

While the Jetpack has since returned in limited-time modes, such as Fly Explosives, fans want this back in regular competitive modes, and no one can blame them. There is a certain joy to flying around using a jetpack, and the backpack gave players that happiness. Technically, this is in a weapon, but it's vaulted, so it still counts!

2. Zapotron

The Zapotron was the rarest gun to ever come to Fortnite because it was only found in a tiny percentage of supply drops and was quickly removed from the game -- for good reason. This weapon could melt anything from incredibly long distances.

1. Crossbow

Even though the crossbow was even more useless than the original Submachine Gun, fans of Fortnite loved this arrow-shooting weapon. The most common use of the crossbow was the fire it at your friends and then exclaim "someone is shooting you!" 

Photos courtesy of Epic Games