3 Rarest Widowmaker Skins in Overwatch

Excluding all of the event-exclusive skins that become available once the event rolls around, there are some skins in Overwatch players cannot get through normal means. Here are the three rarest Overwatch skins for Widowmaker.

3. Florida Mayhem Away

The Florida Mayhem Away Widowmaker skin can only be unlocked through purchasing the Overwatch League All-Access Pass. It is one of the 12 away skins released for All-Access Pass holders, as away skins are not purchasable in-game yet.

2. Kerrigan Widowmaker

Kerrigan was a skin Blizzard released to celebrate StarCraft's 20th anniversary. Players had roughly a month to log into Overwatch and collect the skin. Because it was specifically for the anniversary, the skin is no longer available to be unlocked in-game. 

1. Noire Widowmaker

Noire is the rarest Widowmaker skin out of all of her skins. Players could only obtain Noire through pre-ordering Overwatch before it was released. The codes for the Noire skin were exclusive to the platform the pre-order was made for, meaning a Noire code from a PlayStation 4 Overwatch game would not work for PC and vice versa. It is the hardest skin of hers to obtain in the game.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard