5 Rarest USP-S Skins in CS:GO

Skins are a big part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and players love the ability to customize their favorite weapons. 

One of the most used weapons in CS:GO is the USP-S, mainly due to its status as the favored counter-terrorist default pistol, and these are the five rarest skins for pistol.

5. Road Rash

This skin is only found in Overpass souvenir boxes and for that reason the Road Rash has become a fairly rare skin. With a white background and bullet with a green trailing, akin to the old Fidelity advertisements with a green arrow following people, the Road Rash doesn't have much to show, but it is rare nonetheless.

4. Overgrown

The Overgrown is one of the rarest USP-S skins in the game, almost solely because of the age of the skin. Found in the Operation Bravo case, the Overgrown has a nice camouflage pattern of green, yellow and black decorating the skin.

3. Cortex

A rather new USP-S skin, the Cortex is found in the Clutch Case. The skins has a rather nice cosmetic appeal showing a pink skeleton brain coming undone at the handle and making its way across the rest of the pistol, eventually spelling out USP on the silencer.

2. Neo-Noir

The Neo-Noir is one of two USP-S pistols with a covert rarity and has become a fan favorite. Featuring a girl in Sin City coloring on the gun, the Neo-Noir showcases some fairly remarkable artwork, compared to other skins, and looks pretty dope overall.

1. Kill Confirmed

The Kill Confirmed is by far the most expensive USP-S skin on the market and that's for a reason. There is a strange looking skull on the handle with a bullet coming out of its head on fire, giving a graphic depiction of the headshot animation in CS:GO.

Screenshots courtesy of CSGOStash