5 Rarest AK-47 Skins in CS:GO

The most popular gun in Counter-Strike has always been the AK-47 and is one of the pillars that the game rests on.

With a game that has such a rich history like CS:GO, the AK-47 also has a big fan-base and the game's player-base all know about the gun. With skins in the game, some of the most popular and wanted skins belong to the AK-47.

With these different skins, some have acquired and extreme amount of rarity and value. This is a list on five of the most rare skins in the game and each of their value and actual rarity.

5. Neon Rider

Starting off with one of the most eye-popping and flashy skins in the game, the AK-47 Neon Rider also has a big fan-base, but there is an extremely little amount of the weapon available.

This skin is one of the the most recent added to the game as it is a part of the new Horizon Case. Given the short amount of time that it has been out, the Neon Rider only has a few listings on Steam.

Topping out at an incredible $1,491.69, this gun takes a pretty penny to get a hold of and have in an inventory.

4. Empress

One of the most pretty and attractive skins in the game, the AK-47 Empress has a one-of-a-kind look that is stunning in the game.

However, the look of the skin comes with an extreme amount of rarity and price-tag at the better level conditions of the gun. The Empress at StatTrak Factory New condition only has eight different listings on the Steam Marketplace and listings start at $693.13.

3. Fuel Injector

With its distinct yellow and silver style in the game, the AK-47 Fuel Injector is a rare gun in the game and is one of the nicest looking skins.

This gun has gained a significant amount of rarity and price that is associated with it since it was released in the game in the Wildfire Case in Feb. 2016. There are only three different listings of this gun at the price of $635.35 at the highest end.

Selling a skin for that much is dream to some players and is the reason why players take the risk at opening cases.

2. Jaguar

Coming into the game with the introduction of the eSports 2014 Summer Case, the AK-47 Jaguar has been in the game for awhile and has become significantly rare.

This gun is somewhat rare and is actually not that expensive comparing to how rare it actually is to find on the Market. There are only four listings of this gun at its' best quality and it has a price of around $306.79.

Although this is not high compared to some others on this list, it is still way out of the price range of many players that want skins in the game.

1. Fire Serpant

Being one of the first skins to come into the game all the way back in Sept. 2013, the AK-47 Fire Serpant was one of the first skins to take the game by storm.

The highest price that is listed for this gun is just insane and does not make much sense. Although there are zero listings of this gun at the StatTrak Factory New condition on the Steam Marketplace, prices float around the $2,000-$3,000 range.

Photos courtesy of Valve