Riot Games revealed a detailed overview of the Nunu rework, now live on the League of Legends Patch 8.17 Public Beta Environment cycle.

Passive - ​Call of the Freljord. gives increased attack and movement speed for Nunu and a nearby ally after Nunu damages an enemy champion. This passive also allows Nunu's basic attacks to damage enemies in the immediate area of his target.

Q - ​Consume. This ability is similar to the champion's old Q. Consume is a bite that deals true damage to monsters and minions, while dealing magic damage if the player targets an enemy champion. This ability also heals Nunu based on his amount of health. 

W - ​Biggest Snowball Ever! Nunu's new W might be the most exciting part of his new kit. After casting his W, Nunu rolls a large snowball that builds in size and speed over time. Nunu can recast the ability, sending the snowball in a straight line. The snowball knocks up nearby enemies when it collides with a wall, enemy champion or large monster. The damage and knock up duration increases based on the size of the snowball.

E - ​Snowball Barrage. Nunu's new AoE ability fires up to three volleys of snowballs, damaging enemy champions and marking them with a new mark called Snowbound. If an enemy is hit by a volley, they are temporarily slowed. When the effect ends, all enemy champions who are marked with Snowbound and are within a radius of Nunu are briefly rooted. 

R - ​Absolute Zero. Riot Games kept Nunu's ultimate ability mostly the same, while visually reworking it. Nunu channels an AoE move, gaining a shield and gradually slowing enemies within the area. Nunu's channel can be cancelled early, and when the channel ends, enemies within the area take damage depending on the duration of the channel. Nunu can still channel from brush or fog of war without being revealed.

Nunu's rework introduces a refreshing spin on the champion as the adventurous duo brings snowball fighting to the Rift. Players who wish to master this champion will do well to try to build the biggest snowball possible to maximize gank efficiency. Like the old version, the new Nunu rework brings many ways to CC enemy champions, introducing a new knock up while maintaining access to multiple slows. 

Nunu's champion update is now on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment and will go live on a future patch.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games