PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS weapons have gone through a huge number of changes, most of them for being too strong. There are a few cases, however, where guns have gone from bad to good, and from good to great, receiving major upgrades from the developers.

Here are four PUBG weapons that were upgraded to become more deadly.

4. R45


The R45 may not be the most useful gun in PUBG — after all, no pistol can stand up to a body dropper like the AWM — but in the most recent round of ​weapon balance changes, this heavy revolver received a huge boost to its stopping power.

3. Grenades


Grenades can often be the deciding factor in an extended firefight, making their recent buff all the more valuable. With a newly extended area of effect given in a ​May update, grenades of all kinds received a major upgrade.

2. Vector


For a long time, the Vector was something of a joke among PUBG players because of its minuscule magazine. After a buff increased its damage and a nerf hit many of the game's assault rifles, the Vector suddenly became a force to be reckoned with, sporting one of the deadliest fire rates in PUBG.

1. UMP


As any PUBG player will tell you, no gun has glowed up quite like the UMP has. From a mediocre excuse for an assault rifle to the true killer's weapon of choice, the UMP has seen an upgrade like no other in PUBG.

Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp

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