The Fortnite Season 5, Week 6 Challenges came out Thursdayhave just come out alongside a cheat sheet for how to complete the new tasks.

This week has a few unique Fortnite quests, the most interesting being the treasure hunt. Players must find the various stone heads, which look similar to those found at Easter Island, and go in the direction the heads are facing. Eventually, players will find that the seven new heads all have their gazes met directly southwest of Salty Springs in quadrant F7, where users can collect their bounty. 

Other challenges include getting three confirmed kills at Tilted Towers, opening seven chests at Lonely Lodge, using the minigun or light machine gun to eliminate two foes, and complete five of the seven available time trails that Epic Games have added to various points on the map such as Retail Row, Snobby Shores, Lonely Lodge and others. Players must use an all-terrain vehicle to complete a lap of the course in a timely manner to make progress on the task and it is only available to those who purchased the Battle Pass

Image courtesy of Epic Games