4 Things to do Before Overwatch Summer Games Ends

The Summer Games event is in full swing in with plenty of content to work through. Here are four things every Overwatch player should do before the Overwatch Summer Games event ends Aug. 30.

4. Test the New Healer Changes

Changes went through to every support hero except Zenyatta when Summer Games released and it has shifted up the meta. Mercy is no longer the one and only healer that every team needs, and people are trying new compositions with the new changes. Trying the new healers is a great way to grind loot boxes as well. 

3. Try Out Wrecking Ball

Overwatch Hero 28 Wrecking Ball hit live servers before the Summer Games event, but he is still a fresh addition to the game. This new hero has some great potential to wreck any game, depending on the level of play. Learning how to utilize this new character's movement is key.

2. Play Lucioball

Lucioball is back for the third straight year and it brings some great reasons to play it. Being an arcade game mode, its a great way to grab loot boxes. You can also play competitive Lucioball for extra competitive points to go towards your next golden gun. 

1. Get Summer Games Cosmetics

Summer Games skins have been fantastic this year, with some quality cosmetics coming out for a bunch of different characters. If you have not logged into Overwatch since the event started, Blizzard was nice enough to provide each player with two free Summer Games loot boxes, so log in and get exclusive cosmetics. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard