5 Rarest Desert Eagle Skins in CS:GO

Desert Eagle skins, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins in general, have been a big part of the game's community ever since their creation.

Using the frequency of the Steam CS:GO market sales, the rarest items can be determined by figuring out which skins are sold the least, and based on that algorithm, these are the five rarest Desert Eagle skins.

5. Golden Koi

Found in the Operation Bravo case, the Golden Koi is the oldest covert rarity Desert Eagle skin. Featuring a golden background with little fish-like scales covering it, the skin is the not considered one of the most beautiful, but nonetheless it is rarely found.

4. Sunset Storm

There are actually two different variations of the Sunset Storm, both of which came in the same place: The Rising Sun Collection. The Sunset Storm is a red skin featuring art which could be found in older Japanese painting detailing a flourishing countryside.

3. Blaze

The Blaze is considered to be the most famous Desert Eagle skin, and the customization of choice for most current CS:GO professionals. Found in the Dust Collection, the Blaze's one distinguishing figure is a large fire at the barrel, which has made it into an iconic skin. 

2. Pilot

The Pilot skin is found in the Baggage Collection and is rarely traded because of the lack of quantity of the old skin. The Pilot is basically just a glamorized Desert Eagle with a few gold platings on the gun and a brown handle.

1. Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon is named after the CS:GO official description of the gun and its souvenir form is the rarest Desert Eagle skin in existence. Fans are exclusively able to receive the souvenir in the Cobblestone Collection, much like the famous Dragon Lore AWP skin, and thus the Hand Cannon is usually only found during CS:GO Majors.

Photos courtesy of CSGOStash and Turner Sports