An Overwatch fan designed an interesting fan-made skin for Orisa, which takes elements from Blizzard's other title, World of Warcraft. 

The fan-made Orisa skin is named Pit Lord Orisa. In World of Warcraft, Pit Lords are a specific demon race. Like the Overwatch hero, Pit Lords have humanoid torsos, but their lower half is a large body with four legs. Pit Lords are also known to be extremely violent and brutal killers, the exact opposite of who Orisa is.

Although Orisa and Pit Lords are nothing alike in personality, the fan made Pit Lord Orisa skin is a great look on the hero. 

Orisa already has a skin from Blizzard's other title, StarCraft, but not from World of Warcraft. Bringing a pit lord-themed skin to Overwatch for Orisa would be a great idea.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard