​"I went from 100 grand to 100 Thieves." Oh, how superfluous that quote seems now.

Patrick "ACHES" Price is one of the greatest Call of Duty players of all time. There's no question about it. As captain of the famous compLexity/Evil Geniuses dynasty, he led ​the most dominant team of all time to numerous championships. No team came close to touching that dynasty during its heyday. Out of 17 events between MLG Anaheim 2013 and ESWC 2014, ACHES won 13 events. 

On top of being one of the best Call of Duty: Black Ops players of all time, ACHES' accolades in Black Ops 2 and Ghosts speak for themselves. To detractors, his struggles afterward spoke even louder.

Years of disappointment during jetpack titles hurt his legacy. "You can't win without Crimsix or Karma," shouted the collective. One Advanced Warfare championship meant zilch to most, despite defeating his former dynasty-mate Ian "Crimsix" Porter, his rival Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, and a former teammate in Seth "Scump" Abner at MLG Columbus 2014. What mattered were the problems. Strings of top 12-20 placings, Crimsix passing him in total championships and Champs rings, failed rosters and teaming with players no one thought a name like ACHES would team with. ACHES became an afterthought when it came to tournament favorites.

That changed with a return to boots on the ground and one tournament run.

ACHES set out in Call of Duty: WWII to remind everyone why he's one of the all-time greats by captaining an Evil Geniuses side that seemed more attuned to the pedigree ACHES' name carries. Alongside Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyakov, Anthony " NAMELESS" Wheeler and Ian "Enable" Wyatt, EG struggled in the first half of this season amidst role discrepancies. During a massive RosterMania, EG swapped Enable and NAMELESS for Adam "Assault" Garcia and Justin "SiLLY" Fargo. 

The move paid dividends for the organization. 

EG immediately turned its season around, reaching a grand final for the first time since ESWC 2014. Despite losing two best-of-fives to a strong Rise Nation side, EG finally looked like a championship contending organization once again. Two rough placings before the biggest event of the year grounded expectations once again. 

Drawn into a pool with OpTic Gaming, Elevate, and Supremacy at the Call of Duty World League Championship, EG looked like a surefire pick to advance. A shocking loss to Elevate put EG in dire straits heading into its final pool play match against OpTic Gaming. To preface, ACHES was dubbed the OpTic killer during Champs 2016 after his underdog Cloud9 squad eliminated OpTic from the tournament. Before that, his FaZe Red team eliminated OpTic at the 2015 event. Before that, compLexity knocked OpTic into the lower bracket in 2014. No matter how poorly he played during a season, he showed up in those matches against OpTic. He was the wrecking ball waiting to crash into the green wall at every world championship. 

He came through again. Needing a sweep to guarantee advancement, EG sent OpTic home in the organization's worst placing at Champs. From there, EG ran through the upper bracket all the way to a world championship over Team Kaliber. Finally, captain Price was back on top.

It was redemption for ACHES. Years of struggling, countless events of disappointing finishes, they were erased with his 20th championship and second ring. The king of BOTG was crowned in that moment. 

Seventeen total BOTG championships, two rings, one of which was the most dominant performance ever for a Champs team and the other in the most competitive Champs, ACHES finally stood on top of the mountain once again. Not to forget, alongside a roster he built with the necessary pieces. He put trust in Assault to be a dominant assault rifle, SiLLY to be the aggressive submachine gun, and Apathy was the x-factor needed all along. 

Doubters will look back at ACHES' jetpack years and call those into question, even criticize the list of teams he beat for his second ring, but you can't discredit his BOTG accomplishments. He took an organization he helped foster into Call of Duty and brought it to the top. This is ACHES' crowning achievement in an extensive list of accomplishments.

For that, Patrick Price is the BOTG king. 

Photo courtesy of Major League Gaming