5 Rarest AWP Skins in CS:GO

As one of the main guns in the CS:GO series, the AWP is synonymous with the franchise and is one of the most recognizable guns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

One of the most expensive guns in the game, the AWP also has a high price when it comes to trying to buy skins for the gun. Some of the best skins are extremely hard to find and have a big price-tag associated with acquiring the skin off the Steam Marketplace.

This list will run down five of the rarest AWP skins in CS:GO.

5. AWP | Dragon Lore

Starting off this list with a bang, the AWP Dragon Lore is not only one of the most rare AWP skins in the game, it is also one of the most rare or valuable skins out of any gun in CS:GO. 

The Souvenir version of this gun is known as the most expensive skin ever in the game and even the regular version is extremely hard to find. This is a gun that any player would cherish.

4. AWP | Hyper Beast

One of the nicest looking skins in the AWP department, the AWP Hyper Beast is another skin that is pretty hard to find around the marketplace.

Although this skin is not that hard to find after going down to the lower conditions, it gets extremely hard to find at the best conditions. For a StatTrak Factory new version of this gun, there are only seven different listings on Steam.

3. AWP | Oni Taiji

As a skin that brings a unique and interesting look to the gun, the AWP Oni Taiji also is hard to find and makes it desirable among many players of the game.

Being released in the Hydra Case over a year ago, this gun has the Covert listing on it and makes it hard to get when opening Hydra cases. With few amount of skins on the market at the best conditions, some players would love to get this gun in their hands.

2. AWP | Man-o'-war

The AWP Man-o'-war is a simple and not so flashy skin but looks good and has to be one of the most rare skins found in the game. 

Although there is a huge amount of non-StatTrak version of this gun floating around on the Marketplace, there are a small amount of skins available if a StatTrak version is needed. A StatTrak Minimal Ware version is the rarest to find but currently no Factory New conditions can be found.

1. AWP | Medusa

One of the most expensive skins that can be found in the game, the AWP Medusa is expensive/rare at basically all conditions.

Players will have to pay a pretty penny to get their hands on this skin. Even at the Battle Scarred condition, this skin goes for $693.63 and only has six different listings. With only 26 listings on the Steam Marketplace, this skin is one of the most rare in the game.