The new Overwatch control map, Busan, is now playable on the Overwatch Public Test Region. It is a different version of the Busan map players see during Lúcioball.

​​Blizzard announced its new control map for ​Overwatch during the Overwatch Fan Festival in South Korea. The Busan map was revealed alongside a brand ​new animated short for D.Va, which showed fans the hero's base and her life as a MEKA pilot.

Busan was added to the PTR Wednesday after the announcement. It is a control map that has three different locations players can fight on, as each control map typically does. Its Sanctuary area lets players fight on a traditional Korean temple, while the Downtown area is set in the heart of Busan. The last location is set in the MEKA base, which was seen in the D.Va cinematic. 

Another iteration of the map can be played on in ​Lúcioball, an exclusive game mode for the Summer Games.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard