A new arcade game mode called Mystery Deathmatch was added to the Overwatch Public Test Region Wednesday, along with new control map Busan.

​​The Mystery Deathmatch game mode is exclusive to the arcade. Like the name suggests, players can participate in a Deathmatch game, but will respawn as new heroes just like the Mystery Heroes game mode. Mystery Deathmatch is described as an eight player free-for-all game mode. 

The ​Overwatch PTR was also updated with the ​new Busan map. Busan is a control map and will be available year-long, unlike its Lúcioball iteration. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan announced the map's addition during the Overwatch Fan Festival in South Korea, where Blizzard also revealed a ​new animated short for D.Va.

Both Mystery Deathmatch and the Busan map can be played on the PTR. They are expected to stay on the PTR for continued testing until they are added to live servers at a future date. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard