Overwatch players can now see the silhouettes of their teammates through walls thanks to the most recent patch to the game's Public Test Region servers, released Wednesday. Previously, players could only see an indicator roughly where each teammate stood.

The change is a huge boon for competitive ​Overwatch players, as ​more specific knowledge of the position and movement of teammates can make a huge difference in competitive play. Given the limited bandwidth of voice communications, any change such as this one alleviates significant pressure on teammates communicating vocally.

The same patch also brought players the newest Overwatch map, a ​control map titled Busan, after the Blizzard debuted the map earlier that day during its Gamescom presentation.

Blizzard also ​released another of its lauded animat​ed shorts at Gamescom. This one, titled "Shooting Star," follows South Korean spitfire D.Va as she defends her home city of Busan from Omnic attack. The short ends with a ​tease for an upcoming D.Va skin themed after the game's fictional Nano-Cola.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard