The name of D.Va's mech was revealed Wednesday by Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu, along with the names of the pilots in the MEKA squad D.Va works with.​

According to Chu, D.Va's mech is called Tokki, a romanization of the Korean word for bunny. Because of the design of her mech, and the bunny seen in D.Va's logo and other parts of her design, the name fits her mech perfectly.

The ​new animated short for D.Va also revealed the faces of the MEKA squad D.Va works with in their Busan base. The names of those heroes and their respective mechs were seen in the short, which Chu later confirmed through the same tweet.

In addition to the D.Va short, Blizzard revealed a new control map: ​Busan. It is a different version of the Busan found in the Summer Games event, and is available for testing on the Public Test Region.

Players can also check out the new ​Mystery Deathmatch arcade mode at the PTR. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard