5 Biggest Overwatch Reveals at Gamescom

This year's Gamescom event has brought highly anticipated releases with a new Overwatch map, Busan, animated short for D.Va, and much more.

Although Gamescom is far from over, here are the five biggest reveals for Overwatch from the Gamescom conference thus far.

5. New Doomfist Statue

Blizzard revealed a new collectible statue for Doomfist on Tuesday at Gamescom. 

The statue portrays Doomfist in his signature stance, standing poised, ready to punch. The detailing of the statue is beautiful and captures the reflective gold plating of the hero's mechanical arm. 

The statue is now available for pre-order from Blizzard's Gear store for $300. 

4. Overwatch Legos

LEGO revealed on Tuesday during Gamescom that it will be partnering with Overwatch to bring new figurines modeled after the game's heroes. 

On Twitter, a trailer teased some of these new figurines with a short video portraying hero select with character silhouettes. These heroes appear to be Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Genji, Soldier: 76, Mercy and McCree. 

Although it's likely all heroes will be represented by their own LEGO figurine, details on what will come with the complete set have yet to be released.

3. New D.Va Skin

At the end of D.Va's animated short, Blizzard left viewers with a final teaser for D.Va: a new epic skin

The skin resembles moments from the animated short where D.Va is portrayed on billboards and cans of soda. The hero wears a royal blue and baby pink suit, but has a green torso with neon yellow accents on her headset. Although it's difficult to see the mech fully, it seems as though the mech is an ombré neon green that fades into a royal blue to match its operator. 

2. D.Va Animated Short

Since the last animated short was back in November of 2017, Overwatch fans have been highly anticipating the newest short. 

Released on Wednesday, this new animated short, "Shooting Star," features D.Va and reveals some of the hero's background as she fights to defend her hometown of Busan from a drone attack. The short digs into the character's background, portraying the traumatic experience D.Va faced while fighting alongside a team. 

1. New Map

Perhaps one of the biggest Overwatch reveals from Gamescom was the preview of the new map that was revealed alongside D.Va's animated short. The new control map is from D.Va's hometown of Busan, South Korea, which is currently where the Lúcioball map is.

The new map features three main areas players will fight for control over: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base, as described by the map's trailer on Overwatch's official YouTube channel. The trailer showcases the map's extensive details, and reveals a karaoke bar, a train station, and a mini gaming lounge as smaller areas within the map.

Although the map was initially announced at Gamescom, the new map is currently live on the Overwatch Public Test Region.

 Photos courtesy of Blizzard