5 Best Parts of Overwatch Animated D.Va Short 'Shooting Star'

The new Overwatch animated short "Shooting Star" focused on D.Va. In addition to being a cinematic fans were craving for some time, the video packed some amazing moments into seven minutes.

Here are the five best parts from the new D.Va animated short!

5. Info on South Korea and D.Va

The animated short gave fans much-needed information on the status of Korea. As seen in the Lúcioball version of Busan -- which is now a control map on the Overwatch Public Test Region -- Korea repaired itself after the omnic attacks and looks relatively fine. Although newer attacks by the omnics are seen causing damage to areas in Korea, the effect was minimal and did not leave destroy Busan or the country.

Busan is also heavily decorated in advertisements that feature D.Va, which is no surprise.

4. D.Va Creating Self-Destruct

The animated short might not be an origin story for the MEKA pilot, but fans did see how D.Va possibly came up with the idea to use her ultimate, Self-Destruct. It was an interesting way to see how one of her most important abilities was created in lore.

3. D.Va Isn't a Diva

Despite being the beacon of hope for Busan, D.Va does not have a snobby personality. Her importance to the Korea public is seen when a press conference held by the MEKA squad shows the rest of the team with injuries but D.Va is unharmed -- and later again when the media claims she escaped with no injuries but the scene cuts to D.Va with her leg in a cast. 

D.Va has a selfless personality and pushed herself to the limit in order to protect Korea, even though she was unable to handle it all alone. She is seen turning down offers of glamour to be at the MEKA base with her assistant and childhood friend, Daehyun. She prefers to eat instant noodles and chips and drink Nano-Cola than be at the fanciest restaurant, which shows the difference between D.Va behind and in front of the cameras.  

2. New MEKA Pilots

The MEKA squad pilots were revealed during the animated short. Not only did fans get to see one of D.Va's friends, Daehyun, but fans were also introduced to the people D.Va works with on a daily basis. 

Shi "Overlord" Seung-hwa, Kwon "Casino" Jae-eun, Han "King" Kyung-soo and Lee "D.Mon" Yuna are the names of the four other MEKA pilots at the Busan base. Each has an interesting design and can be seen with their own specialized mech. Interestingly enough, a few of the MEKA pilots resemble real life esports players from South Korea. 

1. D.Va's Personal Growth

D.Va's personal growth in the short was one of the best parts. Apart from the cinematic, D.Va is seen as a somewhat cocky gamer in Overwatch. Everything about her character to her voice lines is centered around gaming -- but fans can see the real D.Va through "Shooting Star."

She shows signs of what might be post traumatic stress disorder from fighting against omnics to protect her country. D.Va is seen having a complex that prevents her from asking for help in high stress situations because of the expectations her country has for her, pushing others away to accept the burden -- but ends the short understanding it's okay to ask for help when it is needed and that she shouldn't face her problems alone.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard