4 Rarest Mercy Skins in Overwatch

The recently nerfed healer Mercy has been a favorite of fans, and of the Overwatch development team for many months now. After her major change, she was essentially required for a win in many situations. While winning with Mercy, there are plenty of rare skins for players to show off. 

Here are the four rarest Mercy Skins in Overwatch. 

4. Winged Victory

The greek goddess skin came out in the 2017 Summer Games event. Available right now for 1000 gold, it will be unavailable when the event ends for another year. One of the best skins for the character, it is a great skin to use as the year turns to Autumn. 

3. Zhuque

This Lunar New Year skin is less than a year old and was only available for the short event time. It will return in a few months for the next Chinese New Year event, but until then, players missing this skin will have to admire it from the gallery. 

2. Overwatch League Gray

This epic skin is available for a 1300 bit cheer on Twitch, and will provide a player with one of many gray skins and show off love for the Overwatch League. Costing a small amount for the bits, this skin is plain, but is a great display of Twitch viewership. 

1. Pink

The Breast Cancer Research skin is not the rarest, as plenty of players bought it, but it is impossible to get as far as is known currently. Costing 15 dollars, this skin supported research for breast cancer, and helped to raise a lot of money for the good cause. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard