5 Best Riven Skins in League of Legends

Riot Games has made many fantastic skins for Riven in League of Legends, and some of them, like Battle Bunny, are better than others. These are the five best Riven skins in League of Legends!

5. Battle Bunny

Battle Bunny Riven is a classic skin, so much to the point that this might as well be her default skin. With her carrot blade, bunny ears, and tail, she is ready to take on her enemies on Summoner's Rift. 

4. Dragonblade

Dragonblade Riven is a seriously underused skin that looks gorgeous in game. She wears cool gear with a giant sword that throws fire for her ultimate. This is a great skin for aggressive Riven players.

3. Arcade

Another classic skin is Arcade Riven. With this skin players can have Riven look like a video game character in a video game. In the Arcade Skin Riven gives off an 18-bit vibe, with modern looking graphics.

2. Dawnbringer

Dawnbringer Riven didn't win the Dawn vs. Dusk event, but that doesn't mean this skin isn't any good. The animations are all clean and have a cool glowing blue effect. When she uses her ultimate she turns into an angel that can purge her enemies.

1. Pulsefire

The Pulsefire skin is absolutely the best skin Riven has. It's one of her newer skins and came out with Pulsefire Twisted Fate and Shen. This skin features a futuristic Riven that is ready to clash with time-traveling enemies.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games