Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu treated fans to more information through Twitter on D.Va and the MEKA squad seen in the animated D.Va short "Shooting Star."

​​The MEKA pilots D.Va works with were introduced in the ​Overwatch animated short, and fans took a liking to the new characters. Chu explained the MEKA pilots were not dead, but their mechs were only out of commission. The pilots suffered varying degrees of injury from a recent attack, but he assured fans there were no fatalities. 

The squad's captain is not one of the MEKA pilots, either. According to ​another tweet by Chu, the commanding officer of the MEKA squad is named Captain Myung. Players can hear Captain Myung's voice over the comms on the MEKA base point at the ​new Busan map, available on the ​Overwatch Public Test Region.

Chu ​also verified the different MEKA pilots and mechs have different roles and capabilities. He did not specify which mechs are meant for what role, but based on the design of the mechs featured behind the ​headshots of each MEKA pilot, some mechs look suited for specific roles.

Chu revealed a few other facts following the cinematic's release. He ​explained why D.Va and D.Mon have matching handles, revealed the ​name of D.Va's mech, and revealed Dae-hyun is D.Va's childhood friend and works as her mechanic.

The overwhelming amount of D.Va lore was released almost all at once, but the lore is welcomed by fans who were craving for more information on D.Va and her life at home.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard