5 Best Ezreal Skins in League of Legends

Ezreal is one of the few League of Legends champions that has multiple Worlds skins, and in addition to those he has several other cool ones. Here are the five best Ezreal skins in League of Legends!

5. SSG

The Samsung Galaxy Ezreal skin is the newest skin the champion has, and it features Ezreal with black hair and Eastern attire. His abilities low a beautiful blue with this skin and have clean animations.

4. Star Guardian

Ezreal is the first male star guardian, and he rocks this look. With his pet by his side, Ezreal can hop into Summoners Rift to take down enemies in style. Not only that, but his animations all fit his theme very well.

3. Arcade

Arcade Ezreal is certainly one of his cooler skins and one of the better ones from the Arcade series. In this skin, his gauntlet is a video game controller and his animations are all pixelated like in an 8-bit game.

2. Taipei Assassins

Taipei Assassin Ezreal was the first Worlds skin that Ezreal got, and as everyone knows, the first iteration of something is always the best. Instead of a gauntlet, Ezreal has a giant foam finger, and he looks very sleek and cool with this skin.

1. Pulsefire

Pulsefire Ezreal is one of the few ultimate skins and has some cool perks. The skin features different animations for all of his abilities, and it has a different auto attack animation. The skin is perfect for any Ezreal fan, as it is literally his ultimate skin.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games