French Street Fighter V player GDMKuja alleged Thursday via Twitter that his team, Epsilon eSports, failed to pay him for several months.

In the Tweet, GDMKuja stated that Epsilon was "months late into [his] salary," and that the team was now saying it would only pay him one month of salary despite a contract agreement that GDMKuja says guarantees monthly payments. Epsilon has yet to comment on GDMKuja's allegations.

Epsilon is a well-established esports organization, with teams in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, H1Z1 and Gears of War. Its base of operations lies in Belgium, and it is owned by Gregory Champagne.

This is not the first time Epsilon has had trouble making payments on time. After the team ​signed a new CS:GO roster in January that included Owen "smooya" Butterfield, it traded him to BIG. As his contract stipulated that a portion of any money made from his contract being sold would go to Team Endpoint, when that money failed to materialize the CEO of Team Endpoint took to Twitter alleging that Epsilon still owed money on the transfer deal

Photo courtesy of Epsilon eSports