The new Overwatch control map, Busan, will receive a small cosmetic update before its official release, according to Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu.

A concerned Overwatch fan pointed out a couple errors with the new control map Busan and the Korean writing found at the Sanctuary map. A large stone on the map has a message on it written in Korean that reads "those who have fallen will be remembered forever." The user pointed out that although the style of writing chosen fits the theme of a memorial, the sentence is read from left-to-right, while it should be read from right-to-left if used as a traditional memorial.

There is also an error with the spacing of one of the words, which wrongfully removed a verb from part of a word.

Chu informed the fan the changes would be discussed with Blizzard before the map would be added to live servers. "Thanks for the feedback! We do our best to get details like this right, so we're going to try to get this fixed before the map's release," the post read.

It might be a minor change, but it is important in the case of honoring the Korean culture used throughout the map.

Chu also explained why D.Va's mech was not added to the MEKA base on the Busan map. He said it was confusing for gameplay to see D.Va's mech and not have her be a player, which is why players can see the garages of every other MEKA pilot's mech but her's. 

A fan suggested to have a locked, pink garage to signify D.Va's mech was out and in use. Chu said he would pass the feedback to the art team, which might mean a garage for her mech will be added before the map's official release.

Busan is playable on the Public Test Region and features a Dance Dance Revolution-esque game area.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard