Custome made Overwatch-Inspired Nike shoes were created by a shoemaker named Upboy and showcased at a fan event. These were shown off at a fan event in Seoul, South Korea. Seen in the clip are custom colors for Zenyatta, Widowmaker, Zarya, Genji, McCree, Mercy, D.Va, Ana, Tracer, Soldier: 76, and Lucio. They are under a series called "UPBOY" Overwatch Custom Sneakers and are not available for purchase at this time

These amazing custom kicks show off the love for this game, and some incredible design fitting the main aspects of each character onto a shoe. The Soldier: 76 has his signature 76 on the side, while Tracers has the name written on the side, just like the character skins in game. 

If Nike were to make these, they would likely become a fan favorite item to purchase. What better way to show off a main or the best-designed hero in Overwatch than by wearing them on your feet?