​During The International 8 Valve revealed two new heroes: Grimstroke, who is out right now, and another hero to be released in the winter, Mars.

In Roman mythology, Mars is the god of war. Dota 2's hero looks to be fashioned in the same style, as the hero reveal video showed Mars wielding a "Clipeus," a small circular Roman shield.


Along with the shield, his spear is a key part of his arsenal, and these weapons are evidence that Mars might be a melee hero. In addition to being a melee hero, it's also possible Mars will be able to summon a Roman horde to aid him in battle. 

His reveal video shows him summoning a group of silhouetted soldiers, who could be anything from animated suits of armor to raised dead. Either way, most summoned units help a hero push towers, Mars could be a great tower pusher.

Photos courtesy of Valve