Although Blizzard added fixes for Reinhardt's ultimate, Earthshatter, players testing it on the Overwatch Public Test Region found there are dead areas on inclines where Earthshatter won't work as intended. 

A Redditor discovered inconsistencies with Reinhardt's Earthshatter while testing the ability out on the Overwatch PTR. On inclines, specifically on stairs, Earthshatter did not stun the player when they stood in the middle of the incline. When the same player moved toward the edge of the incline, however, Earthshatter successfully stunned the player.

Blizzard updated the PTR with changes to various heroes recently. Fixes to Earthshatter were added, which attempted at making the ability more consistent when used. However, it appears the ability's bugs were not completely fixed.

The latest Overwatch PTR patch added the new control map, Busan. The map was revealed along with a brand new D.Va animated short "Shooting Star." 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard. Clip courtesy of  Havannaz.