Best Overwatch Team Composition for Busan: Sanctuary

Blizzard added a new control map to the Overwatch Public Test Region Wednesday. There are three different areas on the map: Sanctuary, Downtown and MEKA Base. Although players are still testing out different strategies on the maps, here are the best Overwatch comps for the Sanctuary stage on the Busan map!

6. Reinhardt

Non-mobility heroes work well in the Sanctuary stage of the Busan map. The Sanctuary stage does not depend on mobility so heroes like Reinhardt or even Zarya, who aren't the fastest heroes, are great for defending point or making a push toward the point.

5. Ana

If there's a Reinhardt, there should be an Ana. She is one of the best healers for tanks and will benefit greatly from a Reinhardt. The new Ana changes helped push her viability in the meta, and she will continue to be an effective hero if played with tanks like Reinhardt.  

4. D.Va

D.Va is a great tank to have no matter what team composition players decide to run. She is flexible and can easily make her way back to the point if she finds herself overwhelmed with enemies. D.Va's Self-Destruct can easily reach a few enemies if placed properly, too.

3. Mei

Mei is a hero that benefits greatly from the Sanctuary stage of the Busan map. Zoning abilities are a great asset in control maps, and her Ice Wall can effectively deter an enemy attack if they all come in through one entrance. Heroes that can stay as long enough on the point as possible are important. 

2. Moira

Moira is a great healer to pair with this team. Her healing is the strongest in-game, thanks to new changes to support heroes. Her Biotic Orb's healing will be able to reach multiple targets if her entire team is on the point.

Although the burden of healing would mostly fall on Ana if a team decides to run Brigitte instead, Brigitte would be a great hero to add to the comp in order to make sure all bases are covered thanks to Shield Bash.

1. Reaper

The limited space in Sanctuary is a great place for Reaper to trap his enemies in. Smaller areas means Death Blossom can be even deadlier than before as enemies will have limited exits to escape from. Reaper's pick rate might not be the highest out of all damage heroes, but he can easily sustain himself through self-healing before using Wraith Form in order to get back to his team. 

Alternatively, Pharah can benefit from the open skies and smaller areas on the ground.