Best Overwatch Team Composition for Busan: MEKA Base

The new Overwatch control map, Busan, is still being tested on the Public Test Region, but it's clear what works and what doesn't. Here is a list of the best heroes to play on the MEKA Base stage on Busan. 

6. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a great hero for the MEKA Base stage of the map. High mobility is key as teams must be able to get up and down platforms on the stage quickly. There are many areas for enemies to pass through and surprise teams defending the point. Wrecking Ball's Minefield will come especially in handy keeping enemies from attempting to contest the point. 

5. Mercy

Mercy's healing might be weaker than before, but she remains the most mobile support hero in Overwatch. If the team is spread out in the large area of the MEKA Base, it will be important for Mercy to be able to use Guardian Angel to save teammates low on health, or possibly escape RIP-Tires focusing her. 

4. Winston

Winston's mobility makes him a perfect hero for this stage. He can provide some form of cover for his team, and what he lacks, can easily be made up by the many platforms and walls players can use as cover while fighting. Primal Rage can also eliminate many enemies via environmental kills.

3. Hanzo

Hanzo is a strong hero in Overwatch thanks to his new ability, Storm Arrows. His mobility was nerfed lightly but he can still escape many attacks by climbing walls or with Lunge. Hanzo's Dragonstrike will also pierce through walls or any platforms, meaning enemies will have a tough time escaping it even with the cover available on the map. 

2. Tracer

Another staple in dive comps, Tracer is an ideal DPS for this stage. She can easily Blink around the map and evade attacks or disrupt enemies whenever she pleases. Tracer's ability to harass enemies and easily make it to safety in the MEKA Base stage of the map will come in handy.

1. Brigitte

Brigitte might not have the same mobility that other heroes have, but she is a tough force on her own. She can stop most attacks on her own and can be an important asset to shutting down enemies.