​Grimstroke received a variety of nerfs and some bug fixes in Dota 2 on Wednesday.

Some ​Dota 2 players were complaining about the power level of the recently released hero, Grimstroke. New heroes almost always need balance changes after release, and Valve jumped right to it with Grimstroke, nerfing every ability of his except for his ultimate. 

His Stroke of Fate ability now slows for 25 percent less duration, and can now be dispelled. The vision given at the end of the spell has also been reduced. His Phantom's Embrace spell now latches on for slightly less time and also gives less vision. Finally, his Ink Swell ability received major nerfs; it gives significantly less movespeed and deals zero damage and stun time at the base value.

​​Other changes include making the hero slightly smaller, as various Reddit users complained that the hero was far too large, especially in comparison to some of the mounted heroes in the game. His ultimate no longer sees through invisibility on the leashed unit, and it's unclear whether this is a nerf or simply a bug fix.

Grimstroke is still unavailable in captains mode, but can be played in ranked and unranked all pick matches.

Photo courtesy of Valve