Official Nunu & Willump ringtones were released by Riot Japan Thursday celebrating the character's recent visual and gameplay redesign in League of Legends.

In a ​post on the Riot Japan website, an employee posted an announcement sharing four recordings from the voice actors playing Nunu and Willump in the Japanese version of ​League of Legends for fans to use as ringtones, alarms and incoming message notifiers.

Riot Japan previously released ringtones recorded by the voice actress for Akali, the champion before Nunu to receive a rework, suggesting the practice may become standard for champions that undergo major changes.

The rework that transformed Nunu into Nunu & Willump ​hit live servers Tuesday after ​two weeks on the Public Beta Environment. Riot Games shared a list of champions ​likely to receive the next major visual and gameplay updates Wednesday.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games