5 Rarest P2000 Skins in CS:GO

The rarest P2000 skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a list that includes some fan favorites. As one of the default pistols in the game, the P2000 is one of the most recognizable and used guns in CS:GO.

Although it is not used as much as the USP-S, the P2000 is still a gun plenty of players use and for which would love to have a skin. Some of these skins have become extremely rare and valuable over time. With few listings on the Steam Marketplace, some skins are extremely sought after and have plenty of players wishing that they had them.

Here is a list of five of the most rare skins in CS:GO .

5. Imperial Dragon

Being a part of the original Gamma Case that was released in the game in June 2016, the P2000 Imperial Dragon is a great looking skin.

As a theme with many P2000 skins, although it is rare it is still not extremely expensive given the nature and popularity of the gun. This gun has only about 30 listings at the StatTrak Factory New condition but only has price of about $20, not too bad for such a rare skin.

4. Fire Elemental

The P2000 Fire Elemental may be one of the most notable and popular P2000 skins that players who use the gun like to wield.

Although it is popular is some aspects, on the Steam Marketplace it is still a rare skin that is hard to get. There are only 18 listings at the StatTrak Factory New condition and makes this skin become one of the most expensive of its' kind.

3. Ocean Foam

The P2000 Ocean Foam is one of the original skins in the game and has also acquired some good amount of rarity with all of this time.

Released all the way back in 2013, this skin has not aged the best with its' design and now looks too simple compared to most skins nowadays. With a price-tag of about $160 at the best condition, this skin is way too expensive for how it looks.

2. Amber Fade

Probably the nicest looking skin in the P2000 category, the P2000 Amber Fade does the Fade skin that is popular in the game extremely well.

The real valuable and rare version of this skin is the Souvenir version, which is only found in the Dust 2 Souvenir Package dropped during Major games. Souvenir versions of this skin are hard to come by but are not too expensive if found.

1. Corticera

The beautiful design and model of the P2000 Corticera makes it one of the most desirable and searched for skins in the game.

At the StatTrak Factory New condition, there are only four listings of the gun available for players to buy.  Being released in the eSports Summer Case all the way back in 2014, this gun has stood the test of time and has acquired a whole lot of rarity.