An amazing Blackwatch Moira cosplay was shared on Instagram by a talented Overwatch cosplayer.

​​The user ​celebrated the completion of her Moira cosplay by uploading a video to Instagram that showed off her work. The Blackwatch Moira cosplay was created with exceptional attention to detail. There are glowing lights in parts of the suit and the cosplay recreated the long nails Moira has on the hand that is used to sap away at enemies' health.

The cosplay was based off Blackwatch Moira from the Overwatch Archives event. It is a skin that reveals how Moira looked when she was a secret member of the Overwatch's black ops division Blackwatch.

It is no easy task to bring the intricate designs of heroes to life and to recreate the otherwise impossible features, like the cosplayer who created a Junkrat wig that ​emitted smoke and glowed as if it was on fire. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard. Clip courtesy of ladylordvader