5 Rarest R8 Revolver Skins in CS:GO

The rarest R8 Revolver skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are a mix of old and new. The R8 Revolver is one of the least used pistols in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and coincidentally had the least amount of skins for any gun in the game, excluding the MP5-SD.

Even though the gun doesn't have many CS:GO skins, it still has some rare ones, and by looking at Steam community market sales for each customization, here are the five most difficult to find.

Photos courtesy of Valve

5. Amber Fade

The Amber Fade is one of two R8 Revolver skins available as a souvenir. It looks like a combination between what the Statue of Liberty initially looked like and what it looks like now. Found in the Dust 2 Collection, a factory new Amber Fade souvenir costs $40.

4. Reboot

The R8 Reboot is a futuristic looking skin with a black, grey and red color scheme. The skin was released in the Gamma case and, though having a restricted in-game rarity, only will cost a player about $12 for a StatTrak factory new version.

3. Crimson Web

One of the first ever R8 Revolver skins, the Crimson Web is found in the Revolver Case and is modeled on the classic knife customization. The skin has gained popularity recently and now a StatTrak factory new version costs around $26.

2. Llama Cannon

The Llama Cannon is the one of the newer R8 Revolver skin and was released in the Spectrum 2 Case. Featuring a beautiful pattern of swirling white lines, the gun is named after the golden llama found on the barrel of the pistol.

Photo courtesy of The Honey Badger

1. Fade

The first ever R8 Revolver skin was release in the initial Revolver Case and is still the rarest customization released for the pistol. Featuring the classic Fade design, this skin has become a favorite of those who use the pistol.