5 Rarest P250 Skins in CS:GO

The rarest P250 skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive feature some doozies. The P250 is one of the most used pistols in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has some of the most interesting set of skins in the game.

Although the gun doesn't cost much in-game, some of the skins are quite expensive, and by looking at Steam CS:GO community market sales for each customization, here are the five rarest P250 skins.

Photos courtesy of Valve

5. Undertow

The Undertow is one of the oldest skins the game and is found in the third CS:GO Weapons Case. With a black top, the Undertow gets its name from the bottom half of its gun, which is mainly blue with a few black patches.

4. Facets

The Facets skin is not aesthetically appealing at all, but gets its rarity from being one of the oldest customizations in the game -- the Alpha Collection. The skin features different geometrical grey shapes fitting together and a factory new version of the gun costs about $47.

3. Splash

Found in the "eSports 2013" case, the Splash skin, surprisingly, doesn't have any water on it, instead consisting of a black background with a "splash" of Orange paint at the end of the barrel, which looks like one of the orange blimps at the Kids Choice Awards.

2. Modern Hunter

The Modern Hunter is nearly an ancient skin and is found only in the Militia Collection. The skin features a gray background with brown and black splashes of paint overlapping in the foreground. Although it doesn't look incredibly flashy, a factory new version of the skins costs about $320.

1. Nuclear Threat

The Nuclear Threat is one of the rarest and most expensive skins in all of CS:GO. Found in the Nuke Collection, the skin has both a normal variant as well as a souvenir one and prominently features a neon green nuclear symbol in the middle of the gun.