​A bug with Wrecking Ball's Piledriver was fixed on the Overwatch Public Test Region, according to Thursday's patch notes. The bug caused his ability to deal the same amount of damage to all enemies in his radius, regardless of how far they were from him.

​​The head coach of Team Canada, Justin "Jayne" Conroy, made a video that informed ​Overwatch fans of the bug and why it could possibly be game-breaking. Wrecking Ball's Piledriver used the same damage calculation for all enemies in the radius of his Piledriver, meaning players who were further away from Wrecking Ball could be eliminated.

"Fixed a bug that caused all enemies to use the same damage falloff calculation," the patch notes read.

The latest update to the PTR also nerfed Brigitte's Shield Bash by preventing her from knocking back charging targets ​unharmed

​​Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard