If you have ever played a FIFA game, you know that skill moves are not only ​a great way to get passed your opponents, but also an amazing way to completely disrespect them. Whether you rainbow flick over a defender or roulette through a defense, pulling off a successful skill move is always satisfying when done correctly:

​EA Sports decided to take skill moves to the next level in FIFA 19, with the introduction of ankle breakers. These new before seen skill moves allow players to perform moves that will leave your opponents stumbling with their hands on the turf:

While these new animations are going to be a joy to use, fans of the game are worried that they can be abused and outright overpowering. Think about it, once pulling off one of these moves, a defender will be eating turf and completely out of the play, with no way to get back into the play quick enough to stop a goal.

Now we don't even know how these moves will be pulled off on the pitch, so I won't get ahead of myself, but there is a worry that these moves will be abused constantly in game.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports