Although Overwatch Hero 28, Wrecking Ball, was added to live server in August, fans know Blizzard is most likely already looking ahead to the next addition to its Overwatch roster. 

There are many different abilities the new hero could have. Overwatch players fight as or against heroes with gigantic shields, with icicles, with shurikens, and much more. Many arguments could be made for new types of weapons the game has yet to include, but there is no doubt the next hero needs to be a member of Talon, or be an antagonist in some capacity. 

The Overwatch roster grew with the addition of Wrecking Ball in July. The hero was a cute addition to the roster and settled into the meta nicely. Although players were able to meet the mysterious character named Hammond, who was not a monkey as most fans assumed he was, Wrecking Ball's addition did nothing to the lore.

Once again, the lore of Overwatch remains stagnant. Wrecking Ball gave fans more insight into the hero and some new, yet far from crucial, information involving Junkertown and the characters from that area. But there were no important details involving the main story of Overwatch.

Blizzard released the animated short "Shooting Star," which focused on D.Va on Aug. 22, giving fans much-needed Overwatch lore. Although the short did a phenomenal job with giving D.Va a real personality that wasn't centered around the gremlin persona the fanbase popularized, it did not give a satisfying update to the story of Overwatch. The story's only real developments continue to arrive when new villains are added to the game. 

Sombra's animated short showed Talon attempting to kidnap Katya Volskaya and showed what the villains were interested in doing -- and what the overall conflict in Overwatch might be. Doomfist's addition brought Orisa, but it also gave fans a glimpse at what Talon was up to. Moira was the last Overwatch hero added to the game that gave more information on important parts of the story.

Even though the lore-based Archives event, called Retribution in this year's iteration, didn't focus on the story's future or present, it gave key information on multiple heroes and the downfall of Overwatch and its covert black ops division Blackwatch. The focus of the event, however, were the villains. The antagonists of Overwatch are always pushing the story forward.

If Blizzard were to add another Talon hero or a hero affiliated with the evil characters in the game, then the story would no doubt advance in some way -- and after multiple updates to the story that kept it in the past, Blizzard should focus on advancing its story for Overwatch now more than ever. 

Alyssa Wong, an award-winning fiction writer, was hired to the Overwatch team, giving fans hope that more developments in lore would be on the way. According to the hero release pattern Blizzard announces new heroes with, there is one more Overwatch hero coming to the game this year.

Hero 29, whoever they are, needs to be a Talon agent. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard