Blizzard has launched Overwatch Competitive Season 12 and with it, new features including the addition of Wrecking Ball. 

Wrecking Ball has been live in normal play, but has yet to be seen in competitive play. That's about to change. As with all new competitive seasons, players' ranks will be reset and will have to go through the 10 placement matches. 

Besides the addition of Wrecking Ball to competitive play, players will see the addition of a more dynamic "Looking for Group" option and an updated "Avoid as Teammate" button. 

"Starting now, we’ll increase the Avoid as Teammate slots from two to three spots. As promised when the feature was implemented, we have been watching to see the effect Avoid as Teammate has on gameplay and queue times. After reading feedback and deciphering data, we think adding a slot will help players enjoy their Overwatch experience while keeping queue times reasonable. When you add a player to your Avoid as Teammate list, you will not be grouped with that player for seven days."

"Get ready to climb the ladder and battle your way to the top of the charts by using Looking for Group to create your dream team. Customize your group settings to ensure you find other like-minded players whose sights are set on grinding out points to get into the top tier (or just to have fun). Filters include specifying roles, Skill Rating, endorsement level, and more."

Overwatch is currently in an interesting spot with the Overwatch League in its offseason. There are no professional players highlighting certain heroes or strategies as more of the general community is dictating the meta.