Gameplay for the new Fortnite: Battle Royale Limited Time Mode, the Getaway, will be shown during an Epic Games Twitch stream on Sunday.

​​High Stakes is the newest ​Fortnite event, which will introduce new skins and a new LTM called The Getaway. The event was ​revealed by Epic Games Friday, mentioning new skins would be revealed as part of its stream for PAX West during the weekend.

The Wild Card skin, exclusive to the High Stakes event, has one outfit but four different masks. Each mask is based off of one of the four suits in a standard pack of playing cards.

Epic Games announced the High Stakes event will go live in the upcoming week, though it did not specify an exact date. It might be launched in Fortnite servers along with​ Patch 5.40, which will introduce ​new Storm mechanics. The Revolver will also ​be vaulted in the new Fortnite patch.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games