5 Best Vladimir Skins in League of Legends

With all of the skins Vladimir has in League of Legends, it is hard for players to choose which ones to buy. To help players out, here's a list of the five best Vladimir skins in League of Legends!

5. Dark Waters

Vladimir's newest skin is certainly one of his best ones. This one was released for the Bilgewater event along with a Diana skin in the same theme. For any Vladimir player looking for a new skin to grab, this one is a must.

4. Academy

Vladimir is dressed in a preppy school outfit that only someone of his caliber would ever wear. Because of that, this skin fits him well. 

3. Soulstealer

This skin is similar to Soulstealer Vayne, but is much easier to get. For the price of 1350 RP, it offers a lot. It has completely unique particles for all of his abilities, making them glow a beautiful green.

2. Blood Lord

Blood Lord Vladimir has one-of-a-kind the ability animations, as well as a new voice and sound effects. It's a fantastic skin for any League of Legends player to have, and a wonderful one to have for fans of the champion.

1. Marquis

This is another one of Vladimir's skins that isn't fancy, but still makes a great skin. It features Vladimir as a nobleman of his palace who hunts for his prey. For players who like a champion's lore more than a pricey skin, this is a must have.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games