Many Overwatch League teams are in the process of rebuilding their team rosters for Overwatch League Season 2. All teams must now have eight players to be eligible to compete in the league.

The new player ​release and signing windows created by the ​Overwatch League will continue to run until December, as teams continue to let go of players and staff.

Overwatch League announced it will add six more teams to join the others in Season 2 of the Overwatch League.

​​Here are all the offseason roster changes from every team ahead of ​Overwatch League Season 2. 

Atlanta Reign

- Signed head coach ​Brad "Sephy" Rajani and assistant coach Dimitri "Silence" Couturet

- Signed ​Daniel "dafran" FrancescaSteven "Kodak" Rosenberger, Petja "Masaa" Kantanen, Blake "Gator" Scott, Park "Pokpo" Hyun-jun, Blake "Gator" Scott, Park "Pokpo" Hyun-jun, Ilya "NLaaeR" Koppalov, and Jeong "Erster" Joon

Boston Uprising

- Released team manager Ji Yang

- Released ​Stanislav "Mistakes" Danilov

- Released ​Shin "Kalios" Woo-yul, Connor "Avast" Prince, and Mikias "Snow" Yohannes

- Signed assistant coach ​Jordan "Gunba" Graham from the Los Angeles Valiant

- Signed ​Jeffrey "blasé" Tsang from Gladiators Legion

- Signed ​Park "Axximo" Min-seob and Kelsey "Colourhex" Birse

- Signed ​Cameron "Fusions" Bosworth in two-way contract with Toronto Esports

- Signed ​Renan "alemao" Moretto 

- Transferred ​Kwon "Striker" Nam-joo to the San Francisco Shock 

Chengdu Hunters

- Signed ​Tianbin “Lateyoung” Ma, Menghan “Ameng” Ding, and Wenjie “Elsa” Luo

- Signed ​Chunting "Kyo" Kong, Li "Garry" Guan, and Xianyao "Yveltal" Li

- Signed ​Hu "Jinmu" Yi, Tzu-Heng "Baconjack" Lo and Zhihao "YangXiaoLong" Zhang

Dallas Fuel

- Brandon "Seagull" Larned retired

- Released ​Sebastian "chipshajen" Widlund

- Promoted ​Christian "Cocco" Jonsson to assistant coach

- Signed ​Jung "Closer" Won-sik from London Spitfire

- Signed ​Richard "rCk" Kanerva 

- Signed ​Zachary "ZachaREEE" Lombardo from Fusion University 

Florida Mayhem

- Released ​Sebastian "Zebbosai" Olsson, Aleksi "Zuppeh" Kuntsi, Joonas "zappis" Alakurtti, Johan "CWoosH" Klingestedt, Tim "Manneten" Bylund, and Andreas "Logix" Berghmans

- Promoted ​Jo "HaGoPeun" Hyeon-Woo from the Mayhem Academy to the Florida Mayhem

- Signed ​Damon "Apply" Conti as two-way player for Florida Mayhem and Mayhem Academy

- Signed ​Choi "Kris" Jun-Soo, Lee "BQB" Sang-bum, and Yoon "Swon" Sang-Won

Guangzhou Charge

- Signed ​Choi "HOTBA" Hong-jun from Philadelphia Fusion

- Signed ​Oh “Rio” Seung-pyoLee “Happy” Jung-woo, Finley “Kyb” Adisi, Ou “Eileen” Yiliang, . Kim “Shu” Jin-seo, Lee “WonJaeLee” Won-jae, Kim “Chara” Jung-yeon, Chen “OnlyWish” Lizhen, and Charlie “nero” Zwarg

Hangzhou Spark

- Signed head coach ​Lee "Mask" Muho, and subcoaches Han "Sup7eme" Seung-jun and Gao "YinDong" Hang

- Signed ​Xu "guxue" Quilin and Jeong "NoSmite" Da-eun 

- Signed ​Park "Ria" Seong-w​ook and Kang "Adora" Jae-hwan

- Signed ​Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki and Kim "GodsB" Kyeong-bo

- Signed ​Park "iDK" Hojin and Ahn "Revenge" Hyung-keun

- Signed ​Cai "Krystal" Shilong and Yoon "BeBe" Heechang

Houston Outlaws

​Matthew "Clockwork" Dias is moved to non-player position

​Lucas "Mendokusaii" Håkansson is moved to non-player position 

- Released ​Russell "FCTFCTN" Campbell

- Traded Yoo "smurf" Myung-hwan from GGEA for ​Dante "Danteh" Cruz  from the San Francisco Shock

- Released coach ​Kyle "KyKy" Souder 

London Spitfire

- Released Park​ "Changg" ​Chang-geun

- Signed ​Kim "Coach815" Kwangbok as head coach

- Transferred Jung "Closer" Won-sik to Dallas Fuel

- Signed ​Lee "Guard" Hee-dong

- Signed ​Jung "Krillin" Young-hoon 

Los Angeles Gladiators

- Released ​Baek "Fissure" Chan-hyung to the Seoul Dynasty

- Released ​Luis "iRemiix" Galarza Figueroa, Joon-seong "Asher" Choi, and Ted "silkthread" Wang

- Signed ​Jang "Decay" Gui-un and Gye "rOar" Chang-hoon

​Ted "Silkthread" Wang retired

- Signed ​Riku "Ripa" Toivanen

Los Angeles Valiant

- Released Stefano "Ver​bo" Disalvo, Sebastian "numlocked" Barton, Christopher "GrimReality" Schaefer, and Finnbjorn "Finnsi" Jonasson 

- Signed ​Kim "KuKi" Dae-kuk from the Seoul Dynasty

- Transferred assistant coach Jordan "Gunba" Graham to Boston Uprising

- Transferred ​Terence "SoOn" Tarlier and assistant coach Julien "daemoN" Ducros to Paris Eternal

New York Excelsior

- Released coach ​Kim "WizardHyeong" Hyeong-seok

- Released Song "Janus" ​Joon-hwa

- Signed Kim "nuGget" Yo-han as general manager

- Promoted ​Hwang "Fl0w3r" Yeon-oh from XL2 Academy

- Promoted ​Jeong "Nenne" Yeong-kwan from XL2 Academy

Paris Eternal

- Signed head coach ​Julien "daemoN" Ducros​Terence "SoOn" TarlierGeorge "ShaDowBurn" Gushcha, Nicolas "NiCO" Moret, and Karol "Danye" Szcześniak, Benjamin "BenBest" Dieulafait, Roni “LhCloudy” Tiihonen, Finnbjörn "Finnsi" Jónasson, Damien "HyP" Souville, and Harrison "Kruise" Pond

- Signed assistant coach ​Kyle "Kyky" Souder

Philadelphia Fusion

- Released ​Georgii "ShaDowBurn" Gushcha, Joe "Joemeister" Gramano, and Park "DayFly" Jeong-Hwan

- Promoted ​Elijah "Elk" Gallagher to the Philadelphia Fusion from Fusion University

- Signed ​Elliot "Hayes" Hayes and Se-Hwi "NamedHwi" Go as co-head coaches

San Francisco Shock

- Released ​Daniel "dhaK" Martínez, André "iddqd" Dahlström and David "nomy" Ramirez

- Traded ​Dante "Danteh" Cruz for Yoo "smurf" Myung-hwan from Houston Outlaws' academy team GGEA

- Signed ​Kim "Rascal" Dong-jun to San Francisco Shock from NRG Esports

- Signed ​Park "Viol2t" Min-ki 

- Signed ​Kwon "Striker" Nam-joo from the Boston Uprising

Seoul Dynasty

- Signed ​Baek "Fissure" Chan-hyung

​Heo "Gambler" Jin-woo retired

- Released Gong "​Miro" ​Jin-hyuk, Choi "Wekeed" Seok-woo, and Moon "Gido" Gi-do

- Signed head coach Kim "KDG" ​Dong-g​un and assistant coach Park "Changg" Chang-geun

- Released ​Kim "KuKi" Dae-kuk to the Los Angeles Valiant

- Signed coach ​Lee "WhyNot" Ju-hyeopChoi "Michelle" Min-hyuk, Hwang "Marve1" Min-seo, and Lee "Jecse" Seung-soo

Shanghai Dragons

- Released players ​Cheng "Altering" Yage, Xu "Freefeel" Peixuan, Chen "Fiveking" Zhaoyu, Jing "Roshan" Wenhao, Liu "Xushu" Junjie, Chon "Ado" Gi-hyeon, He "Sky" Junjian, and Kim "Daemin" Dae-min; also released coaches Jun-Young “Kong” Song and Jia “Nai8” Jia

- Signed head coach ​Wi "BlueHaS" Seung-hwan

- Signed ​Bae "diem" Min-seong, Yang "DDing" Jin-hyeok, Jin "YOUNGJIN" Young-jin, Yang "Luffy" Seong-hyeon, Son "CoMa" Kyung-woo and Jo "GuardiaN" Jun-hwan

Toronto Defiant

- Signed ​Lee "Bishop" Beom-joo as head coach

- Signed ​Park "Neko" Se-hyun and Lee "envy" Kang-jae

- Signed ​Go "Aid" Jae-yoon and Jo "Lycan" Gyeong-mu

- Signed ​Lee "Ivy" Seung-hyun and Lee "Stellar" Do-hyung

- Signed ​Park "RoKy" Joo-seong and Choi "Asher" Joon-seong

Vancouver Titans

- Signed ​Kim “Haksal” Hyo-jong, Lee ”Hooreg” Dong-eun, Seo “SeoMinSoo” Min-soo,Park “Bumper” Sang-beom, Choi “JJANU” Hyeon-woo, Kim “Rapel” Jung-geun, Kim “SLIME” Sung-jun, and Lee “Twilight” Ju-seok, and Lee “Stitch” Choong-hui.

Washington Justice

- Hired Kate Mitchell as assistant general manager 

- Signed ​Kim "WizardHyeong" Hyeong-seok as head coach and Song "Janus" Joon-hwa as tank

- Signed ​Kim "AVALLA" Molly as assistant coach and Mikael "mkL" Skjonhaug as analyst

- Signed ​Kim "SanSam" Hyang-kiCorey "Corey" Nigra and Ethan "Stratus" Yankel

- Signed​ Cho "HyeonU" Hyeon-woo, Riley "Fahzix" Taylor, and Cho "Ado" Gi-hyeon.

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard