The Overwatch League will reportedly add teams from Washington, D.C. and Hangzhou, China in Season 2, according to a report from ESPN. If confirmed, the league will have 20 teams in Season 2, instead of the previously expected 18 teams.

Reports of franchises for D.C. and Hangzhou​​ will bring the number of Overwatch League teams expected to join in Season 2 to eight instead of ​previously reported six -- which will then bump the total number of teams in the league to 20.

According to ESPN's report, the Washington, D.C. slot will be owned by Mark Ein, his Capitol Investment Corp, and a few other investors. Ein is a successful investor in real estate and technology, and he is a minority owner in Team Liquid's esports-focused parent company aXiomatic.

The Hangzhou franchise team will be funded by Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing website. 

Blizzard previously announced teams for ​Atlanta and Guangzhou, China will join the Overwatch League, and a team for Paris, France is ​also expected to be announced. An expansion slot ​for Toronto was also reportedly sold. 

The Overwatch League is in its offseason and contract negotiations are underway, though a ​number of players were dropped. New expansion teams in the league will have an ​exclusive window to sign players starting Sunday until Oct. 7. 

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard