PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox players have reported problems collecting achievements as of Wednesday.

After the PUBG Xbox 1.0 release ​added achievements to the game Monday, players quickly set about attempting to collect them only to find the achievements failing to register once the actions were completed. PUBG Corp has set up a master thread on the PUBG Xbox subreddit for players to log their affected Gamertags and the missing achievements, but has yet to announce a fix for the problem.

This is the second piece of the PUBG Xbox 1.0 release that has hit a snag. After PUBG Corp announced that ​players who owned the Game Preview version of the game would be able to claim both a PLAYERUNKNOWN skin set and a Pioneer t-shirt by logging in, players found they were unable to log in because of server problems. As a result, PUBG Corp was ​forced to re-open the window for claiming the cosmetics.

PUBG Xbox 1.0 hit live servers Monday, gaining a ​new truck, map, weapons and ​skins even as PUBG Corp delayed the release of both ​War mode and custom games.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp