5 Rarest Icons in Fortnite

The rarest icons in Fortnite are tough to map out. The icons in Fortnite allow a player to customize their banner, and show off what they have. Many of the icons are exclusive to those who have purchased an edition of the PvE: Save the World. While looking at the weekly challenges, the icons are a symbol of status. 

There are still some icons that are rare to see in Fortnite, because their difficulty to get, or their exclusive nature. 

5. Ultimate Edition Icons

The Ultimate edition icons brought some fascinating logos to use including a knife, banana with sunglasses, poop, and a garden gnome. The ultimate edition brought these banners and lots of other content. Showing off the purchase of the Ultimate edition with these icons is certainly a common occurrence in Fortnite. 

4. Paragon

This icon was only available during the Paragon event, which has now ended, leaving those who did not participate in the event without this banner. For those that did participate, this icon is worth showing off for the prestige of owning it. 

3. Limited Edition

The Founders Limited Edition pack came with some cool icons such as a meteor, bomb, atom, cheese, and many more exclusive icons. For those without the Limited edition, these are unavailable, and they will have to settle for the icons available to them in their current edition. 

2. Fortnite F Icon

This was available to early supporters of the game who signed up for Epic Games' newsletter. Thought to be unavailable now, this early support of the game rewarded players with the Fortnite emblem as their icon, a great way to show off that a player was there from the start. 

1. Commander Icons

During the commander PvE event, many content creators partnered with Epic games to get their logos as banners in the game. Only available for those who purchased the PvE side of Fortnite prior to, or during, the commanders event, this is a great way for any fan to show off their favorite content creators.